Andalucia Guide Book – ebog

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‘Andalusia – Guide book’ is an introduction to one of Spain’s most beloved regions. The guide introduces the eight largest cities, Jaén, Málaga, Cadiz, Seville, Huelva, Cordoba, Almeria, and Granada, the region’s beaches, and provides a number of tips for worthwhile attractions.

Through articles, one gains insight into Andalusia’s history, culture, and language. Andalusia enjoys 300 sunny days a year, which can be savored along miles of beautiful sandy beaches, on ski slopes, in small mountain villages, or in medieval towns. Andalusia invites both active holidays and relaxation. Get ideas for both. We provide some great tips for the region’s beautiful cities, the language, the food, and the culture.

Learn more about how the Spaniards interact with each other, what the best hams are called, what flamenco is, and where many German Nazis hid after World War II.